Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day 2018 

Published: Jul 6, 2018



Oxnard, Calif. – On July 3, Advanced Structural Technologies (AST) had the company’s annual employee appreciation luncheon. The event featured the work completed through the continual cooperation of all departments. Noting the power of individuals working towards a common goal, AST’s management hosted the luncheon in recognition of the whole team at AST who, together, create the finest forged alloy products possible. Several videos produced by the sales and marketing team were aired as a visual representation of the end uses of major products. To many employees, the parts they work on have an identification number, but have no tangible meaning. Being able to see the final machined products in use gives context to the employees and a sense of pride in their workmanship. Featured products included AST’s proprietary 32-inch forged-alloy motorcycle wheel, forged-alloy wheel blanks built specifically for Ferrari’s Challenge Race Series (with final machining by 2elle in Italy), forged-alloy wheel blanks built for the Mercedes G500, forged-alloy wheel blanks built for use on military vehicles and forged-alloy pressure vessel liners used in the SpaceX Falcon and Falcon Heavy rockets. After a brief speech by company President Rob Melsness highlighting the great work done by the AST team and future company projects, employees with outstanding attendance and job performance were awarded. “I know only a few of you here are being recognized, but without all of you guys, none of this would be possible,” Melsness concluded.