Spin/Flow Forming

Spin/Flow Forming Technology

Flow forming and spinning is an advanced metalworking process designed to manufacture near net shapes from forged disks.  Highly specialized CNC spinning equipment applies the force of one or more rollers to the outside diameter of the forged disk. The material is then mechanically worked beyond its yield strength and flows in the desired direction over a mandrel. The rollers and mandrels rotate while the material is shaped, being constantly formed onto the mandrel tooling. As the process finishes, the inside geometry of the finished product takes the shape of the tooling while the other rollers determine the external shape.

Being formed from a single forged disk, the benefits from spinning include reduced material requirements and less machining time, as a result of the near net shape. This increases efficiency of cycle times, produces excellent mechanical properties and eliminates the need to weld pieces in most cases. 

AST’s flow forming and spinning department can handle products up to 50″ in diameter with a cross sectional thickness in excess in 4″. Due to our capability to form anything from small to large pieces, this technology can be used to produce components for a vast array of applications including the aerospace, defense, energy and medical industries.