Green Hydraulic Power Installs Variable-Speed-Drive Unit

Published: Jun 18, 2018

Oxnard, Calif. – AST continues their commitment to push for greener, more efficient heavy manufacturing.

Continuing to execute AST’s greater environmental action plan and reduce the footprint manufacturing creates upon the earth, AST has recently teamed up with Green Hydraulic Power, Inc. to install a more ecologically-sensitive, variable-speed-drive hydraulic power system at our facility. The unit will save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and significantly cut the volume of oil used at our plant. We believe that conserving energy is an important part of being environmentally conscious and affecting the world for the better. We hope that others will follow our lead as AST forges an environmentally-friendly manufacturing future.

Senior Project Manager Benjamin Konrad spoke about the installation briefly, noting, “AST is dedicated to taking heavy manufacturing into the future with conservation and efficiency in mind. We know heavy manufacturing is looked at as a dirty business but we’re srtiving to make it mean, green and clean.”


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