Rotary Forging

Rotary Forging

Rotary Forging is a state-of-the-art process technology designed to efficiently forge near net shapes

Rotary forging presses provide the ultimate combination between efficiency, versatility, and mechanical properties. Where traditional closed-die forging uses a large press to force metal into a die, rotary forging can concentrate force on specified areas, yielding more efficient use of materials while producing superior mechanical properties. Targeted grain compression creates strong products while maximizing material usage, minimizing necessary CNC machining, and presents large time and cost savings. Not only does this specialized process save time and money, but because AST is vertically integrated and staffed with outstanding engineers, we are able to develop all tooling in-house. No matter the shape or complexity, AST can bring your project to production quicker, cheaper and more efficiently than our competition. 

Our four CNC rotary forging presses employ this state-of-the-art process technology designed to combine exceptional near net forging results with unrivaled cost effectiveness. Compared to conventional hydraulic presses, rotary forging reduces tooling setup times and allows for higher spindle utilization rates.

The largest rotary forging press can forge parts with an outside diameter of 45”, with over 850 tooling packages already available for open and closed die setups. our largest forging press is a SSB 350 ton rotary forging press, which produces pressures equivalent to those of a 20,000 ton conventional hydraulic press. On average, AST produces over 1,200 forgings per day from various conventional and exotic alloys.

When you give AST your business, we commit our full attention to ensure that your product meets and all quality standards, dedicating ourselves to the succession of the project and the necessary properties of the finished pieces.